Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Art Maybe

"You wouldn't exactly call this art, would you?" the first man asked

"It looks like a pile of junk to me. The museum seems to think it's art though," the second man said.

"I thought art was supposed to be pretty, or at least understandable. This does not make any sense to me," the first woman said.

"No one would steal it, I don't think. At least not until somebody said it was worth millions of dollars," the second man said.

"According to that sign, it is worth millions of dollars. Still doesn't seem worth stealing though," the second woman said.

"We aren't going to steal it. We're just trying to figure out if it's art," the first man said with reproach.

"I wasn't going to steal it, I'm just saying that it doesn't seem worth stealing," the second woman replied. "I don't think it's art though."

"Well, if she won't steal it, it's not art," the first woman said. "She knows her art and she knows what is worth stealing." The two women smiled at each other.

"I don't know," said the second man. "I think Eliot would find it fascinating though."


Thank you to for the prompt "You wouldn't exactly call this art, would you?" This one turned into a sort of fanfic without meaning to. If you can guess the TV show that inspired this, I'll be impressed.
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