Monday, June 25, 2012


Things have been mostly quiet around here lately. Ace is getting paperwork moving for starting a job next Sunday with a trucking company. I am doing my best to stay as cool as possible (the replaced a/c can't quite seem to handle the 100+ degree heat).

Everything is in a sort of holding pattern right now. There is only so much Ace and I can do this early in the week to get him ready to go. So, we're just relaxing.

Tomorrow is our anniversary. So far, our plans include getting some ice cream or custard. And that's about all we have planned. Is custard the traditional/modern gift for 9 years?

Things are quiet right now. But it won't be long before they get busy again. For now, I'm going to go enjoy the quiet.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No Answers

Last Friday, I went back to truck driving school. I needed to shake off the rust from roughly 30 days of not driving. I spent 4 days working on backing and driving. I learned a lot, and felt frustrated and sore and then on Monday successful. I felt ready to take my test on Tuesday, which was a change from the last time.

I really don't want to talk about that test yesterday. I've got another 30 days before I can test again. It wasn't that I couldn't do the backs (which is where my problems cropped up). There seemed to be some problems with the equipment I was given and I wasn't experienced enough to compensate. I'm surprisingly okay with everything.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about. That's just me updating about what's gone on while I've been away from the blog.

While I was at school, I was asked lots of questions about who Ace and I were going to work for and if he was already driving or waiting on me. I had people asking why Ace wasn't at least working a local job. I had answers for most of the questions, but not all of them. We are still trying to figure things out and some things were complicated.

People keep asking me questions. I don't have answers for them. And I'm feeling frazzled and tired. I don't know any more. Asking me what I want for dinner is kind of too much right now. I don't know and I need to not have anyone ask.

I'm feeling a bit empty. I'm not angry, I'm not particularly frustrated, I'm just mostly numb. The world can just hold onto its questions for a while. They don't need me to attempt to answer them today. Maybe I'll have some answers for them tomorrow.

But for today, let me be.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Because I'm So Popular

My dreams have a surprisingly large guest cast.

Last night, Marilyn Milian, the judge on People's Court, showed up. She's not the first TV judge to show up in my dreams (that would probably be Judge Alex Ferrer who showed up a few weeks ago).

And it's not just TV judges that make randomly show up. Some of my favorite bloggers have too. Amy Storch, of Amalah was in my dreams a few years ago (trying to convince me that I should get pregnant, as if that wasn't already on my mind). Anissa, of #FreeAnnissa, showed up to try to convince me that I am cool enough to potentially met my favorite bloggers and hang out with them someday. My friend Jenna, of The (Mis)adventures of Jenna, even showed up for us to talk through a class her husband was trying to teach (about something Biblical, I think).

And despite other's predictions, the only instructor from school showing up in my dreams is the one I'm friends with on FaceBook (he was oddly teaching us how to drive a car, something I already know how to do).

The only person who doesn't seem to show up in my dreams is Ace. The only thing we can think of is that he gets so much of my awesomeness during the day that my subconscious feels like it should be spread out among other people at night.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Air Conditioning

The air conditioner is fixed. I don't know what was wrong with it, but I did get to hear how much it would be yesterday. I don't remember how much cost, which is fine because it's not me that's paying for it.

It took most of the night to cool the house down, but now it is back to normal temperatures in the house.

And I'm back to fighting off exhaustion again. Because my body hasn't seemed to fully get away from heat exhaustion yet (if they had fixed the a/c the first time it broke...). Nicely, food helped a lot on helping me feel less exhausted. Unfortunately, that only lasts so long and I can only eat so much before I'm full.

But at least I'm not trying to stay as cool as possible in a 90 degree house (it's not possible to stay cool in a 90 degree house, even with 3 fans helping). Yay for a fixed a/c!

And now I've got other things calling for my attention.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Heat Wave

Once again, there are a/c problems in this house. We are on the third person to come to try to fix this a/c unit (2 today, 1 about two weeks ago). Hopefully the problem will be solved quickly and before the day gets really hot.

Unfortunately, it's throwing me back into heat exhaustion territory. Ace isn't watching me drink water like a hawk, but I'm pretty sure he'd prefer to have already gotten me more water this morning (he refilled the water once this morning, but I'm pretty sure he'd rather it have been two or three times).

I don't know how much longer I'll get to use my laptop before needing to shut it down so it won't overheat. I'll let everyone know when I'm in a/c again (we may be making an emergency trip to see my dad, we just don't know yet).