Friday, August 30, 2013

No Dear, This Wont Text You (Ignore This Title, It Sucks)

The Ring has been destroyed. As I knew it would, based off the movies. I still want to read through the appendices, but I'm not subjecting Ace to them. He's not so interested.

And I'm trying not to obsessively listen to Welcome to Night Vale. Because I think I could do that, but that wouldn't be healthy. The podcast scares me and makes me laugh and makes me love it in equal measure.

I'd like to meet Carlos and his perfect hair. I'd love to meet Cecil and his dulcet tones.

Don't send help. I'm happy over here.

Monday, August 26, 2013

A Few, Short Letters

Dear Readers,
I have not forgotten this blog. I have just been caught up in a cycle of not enough sleep and focusing on reading Lord of the Rings (we're on book 6 and should be done with the actual story by the end of the month!). Hopefully some things will change soon (the lack of enough sleep).

M.A. Smith

Dear Unnamed Trucking Company,
Why did you decide on black trucks? And why do you think driving overnight in the summer is going to lead to anyone getting a good 8 hours of sleep when the truck is too hot during the day? You suck at making good decisions.

Tired and cranky,
M.A. Smith

Dear Miley Cyrus,
I don't even want to know what happened at the VMAs. But nobody respects you, based off of what little I've seen about it. You are not winning over any parents.

So over it,
M.A. Smith

Dear Heat,
I just want to sleep for 8 hours straight. Between you and my bladder that hasn't happened in a bit. Give me a break!

Overly hot,
M.A. Smith

Dear Ace,
You are the best. Even if it's too hot and I'm too tired. I love you lots. Don't change.

Your wife