Friday, June 29, 2007


Today, while I was watching TV, I started wondering how effective the commercials that are show are. I mean, I know that I remember them, so for that part they are effective. Most of them make me feel like they are insulting my intelligence and does not make me want their product. But enough about my frustrations with commercials.

While Ace went and looked at houses today (3 and 1/2 hours), I did lots of housework. My laundry is all folded and put away. Most of my dishes are now washed. And I feel rather tired physically (not sleepy, just lacking the desire to move). My brain, on the other hand, is working just fine. Not that I have much to think about right now, but it's alert and ready for action.

I'm going to go. I can't think of anything else to say right now, so it seems good to stop talking.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Al Gore Wants to Destroy My Logical Thinking

Tonight, Ace and I watched An Inconvenient Truth. In it Al Gore wants to destroy whatever it is that keeps people from believing what he is saying about Global Warming. And what is keeping me from believing it is my logical thinking. I looked at a lot of the same graphs he did and had a very different opinion of what they said (at least the ones that were actually readable). I saw a very clear cycle in how the earth warms and cools. Ace and I don't really have problems with most of the ways to lower our impact, we want energy efficient appliances and hybrid cars to save us money. We like those ideas. And we think mass public transportation is a good thing. But, we don't believe that there is really the problem that Gore is trying to paint here. And we saw him try to win sympathy with stories from his life that show pain and upset. I'm not happy that his sister died from smoking or that his child was injured by a car (I am giving him the small benefit of the doubt that these things actually occurred, because I know he lies about things). But that doesn't mean that he's telling the truth about what is going on with the earth in regards to the weather.

I say all this to say I'm for us doing good things for the environment, but I'm not going to run around or worry that we're going to be halfway under water because of melting ice caps in the next couple of years. My feeling is that the inconvenient truth for Mr. Gore is that he likes the idea of saving the country or the world and he is causing a lot of fear in a lot of people unnecessarily. I don't want to debate the topic, and I'm sure it's not a fully popular one, but I've now given my opinion on the subject.

Well, I've said a lot of things, but I think I've said everything I need to.


Laughter Keeps Depression at Bay

Film at 11.

Okay, there is no film. You caught me. I made a very, very bad joke (especially since I don't watch the news).

But, watching funny movies has helped keep me from getting very depressed (a break in the rain would probably help more).

So far this week, I've watched Horse Feathers (Marx Brothers, very funny), Duck Soup (Marx Brothers, also very funny), Johnny Dangerously (funny, be sure to watch the trailer for it too), Employee of the Month (slightly older movie with Matt Dillon, great twists at the end, very, very funny), and Happy Endings (somewhat funny, mostly odd, worth seeing if you can see it for free). Tomorrow, Ace and I are going back to Blockbuster (we went Monday, I've watched 5 movies in the past 48 hours).

Oh, and read the post before this one. It's a brief history of me. I just couldn't resist talking about the movies we've watched recently.


A Brief History

Since I started this blog, I haven't really given anyone who's read this much of my history. This has not been intentional, I just forget that I didn't bring over pretty much anyone from my old blog (at least, no one that I know knows me from there other than Ace). So, here is my brief history.

I was born in the early 1980s in Dallas, TX. My parents and I lived there until not long after I turned 7, when we moved to Oklahoma (I'd tell where, but I've got to retain some of my mystery). My parents had my siblings a couple of years later and then divorced when I was 14. I met Ace at 21 and married him at 22 (almost 9 months after meeting). And the last four years I've lived in Tulsa, OK. (Why have almost all the big occasions in my life started at the seven year mark? I guess I should expect something big after turning 28, huh?)

I would give more details, but I'm hoping that this would be vague enough that if my family (who, as far as I know, doesn't know the address of this blog) does stumble across it, they won't fully know it's me. Any more details, and I'm pretty sure I'd give it all away if they ever saw it. I don't know what would happen then. But, since I'm currently on blog #2, I'd like to stop here. I may take this one through a few more incarnations, but I'd like to have only had to start 2 to be able to express myself.

Anyway, that is a very brief history of me.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Things I Won't Talk About

The start of today's post will be a list.

1. My current finances (they depress me)
2. The current owners of the house Ace and I will rent and then buy (in less than a year)
3. How crazy most people are (that would just drive me crazy)
4. When I will have children (at least not in person, does anyone really need to know about my reproductive system?)

In other news, I got 3 roses and a card from Ace for our anniversary. We discovered that our garage is too hot in the summer for parking in it, so we will have to try that some other time. But we had some really great sex once we got inside.

I guess that's all for now.


Monday, June 25, 2007


Tomorrow, Ace and I celebrate our anniversary. We'll have been married for 4 years. And we will have made it through 4 years without having an actual fight. Instead, when we used to disagree strongly (that hasn't happened in a while) we would take a short break in our discussion for emotions to cool down (usually me) before resuming rational discussions. That's it. Nothing to complicated.

Anyway, back to tomorrow. Tomorrow night, Ace is taking me out to eat at Red Lobster (and based on the fact that two people told us to get the bread, we will). I am going to get dressed up (possibly without underwear) and he has said something about taking me parking (possibly in our garage, so there will be no potential for cops being involved). Ace is spending most of the day with me, other than an appointment he made before he knew it would be our anniversary. I have no clue what we will do during the day, possibly work on our filing to get that accomplished (is that too boring for an anniversary?).

Well, I've got to clean my laptop, so I'm getting off the computer now.


Saturday, June 23, 2007


From time to time, mostly when I'm feeling somewhat stressed about something, I start to suffer from a bit of insomnia. This is most annoying because it almost always seems to proceed a small bout of depression, or, as I like to think if it, my "my life sucks so now I'm throwing myself a pity party and don't want to move if at all possible" time. And I hate it. I hate feeling like I'm loosing a part of myself. I hate that stress gets to me like this. And I don't feel the need to be on medication to do something about it, because this happens almost never. In fact, I'm not sure how long it's been since I've last had insomnia (it's been a while).

No, I don't want to share what is stressing me out, because I'm really trying hard not to think about it. I'm spending my time concentrating on good things, like the Marx Brothers or Dave Barry's Guide to Guys (this is a really funny movie, which you should rent, and if Dave Barry wants to pay me for this little advertisement of his movie, he can leave me his e-mail address in the comments and I will get back to him). Because, hopefully, with enough laughter I can stop the clouds I feel rolling in my mind before they can get here and do some damage. If not, there is always the possibility of me getting some alcohol and posting while slightly tipsy (which means that I may have to re-type everything 5 times, because I want things spelled correctly. Oh, and I may wear less clothing to write than I normally do). I'm glad that I'm a happy tipsy person and don't try to go any further than tipsy.

Well, now that I've rambled on for a while, I'm going to go do something else that I wouldn't normally do at 3 am (because normally I'm sleeping).


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Movies, a Nap, and Spending Time with Ace

Okay, you can probably figure out what I've been doing the past two days based on my post title. Mostly, I've been spending time with Ace watching movies. We've watched Dr. No, The Spy Who Loved Me (can you tell I like Bond movies?), The Dukes of Hazzard (the movie, not the TV show), and most Weird Al's videos. And a little while ago, I took a nap.

Well, now that you are all caught up on the movies I've watched, because I know you care about that, I'm going to move onto my question for today.

Where have all the good drivers gone? Ace and I had a couple of errands to do after going to the chiropractor (where my mid-back finally popped some), and we saw at least 3 illegal (I'm pretty sure the third thing is illegal) things before we got home. We saw someone make an illegal u-turn at a light (and they were either mad at the people who turned behind us (we and they were making a legal right hand turn where the guy was trying to make a u-turn) or the people who turned behind us were mad at them. Either way, I'm pretty sure there were almost 2 different collisions at that time (us with the u-turn person and the people behind us with the u-turn person). Then, we saw someone make a left hand turn from a right hand lane. The last rather stupid move had someone apparently couldn't follow the exit from the interstate to the street and almost merged back into the lane we were in right into the passenger side near where I was sitting.

My other question is how is it hard for some people to see our rather big tan SUV? It's not like tan blends in with everything, so how do they miss it?

Well, I'm going to go, because my questions are out there released from my mind.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Mouse

I am really, really happy because my husband bought me a new mouse for my computer. It is exactly like my old mouse, except it works all the time (the cord isn't messed up). My old mouse, which now resides in the trash, had some problems and would only work if I held the cord in the right way. But, while we were doing something business related at Office Depot, we got me a new mouse.

And to celebrate, and calm my stomach, I'm having ice cream.


Blogging in My Head

I find that when I have time to think, I spend most of it writing a post in my head. Of course, when it actually becomes time to write on a post, I can't figure out what to write about, because most of what I want to say was said earlier in my mind. And the topics are varied, and hopefully interesting. Recently, I've thought of: 1. posting about the removal of my wisdom teeth. 2. The length of my average period and what my body seems to currently be doing. 3. Why is the only phrase I learned Spanish class in high school that randomly pops into my mind Donde esta la biblioteca (and why I don't care about where the library is)?

Okay, I'll admit that #3 hasn't ever been thought about to write on here, but I do seriously want to know the answer to why it is the only phrase that randomly pops up. The reasons I don't care where the library is change based on where I am. Either I already know where the library is, so the question is stupid, or I won't be where I am long enough for it to matter where the library is located.

I'm going to go. I've got better things to do than ponder about libraries in Spanish.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Busy Weekend

Well, this weekend was rather busy, mostly for watching movies. Ace and I got to spend some time talking, which is nice since he'll be busy for most of today. We watched Ghost Rider (great movie, I want to own it), Mr. Fix-It (good movie, unrealistic ending), Glory Road (loved this movie, I wondered why we waited so long to rent it, interviews with the actual team the movie was about, I want to own it), and The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning (funny, but I don't think Bo or Luke Duke were ever quite that stupid).

Oh, yeah, on the pregnancy thing... Pregnancy test #3 was negative. Then, 17 days late, I got my period (yesterday). So, yeah, I'm totally not pregnant yet. And I'm trying not to lose hope or feel like there is something wrong with me (or Ace).

So, now you know why I didn't write this weekend. I was busy watching movies and getting my period.

I've got to go, we have a chiropractor's appointment.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Adventures in Couch Sleeping

Tonight, in a few hours, I will go over to a friend's house to "baby-sit" her kids. Her children are old enough not to really need me for anything, and will in fact be in bed when I get there and should sleep until their parents return home. So, I am going over there to sit on their couch, read, and maybe take a nap. I'm hoping to finish The Hobbit while I'm there, because I should be at the good part (with the dragon slaying and all). I may take something else with me, on the off chance that I actually finish my book without deciding to sleep until it's time for Ace to pick me up (he'll be with the parent's after he drops me off). The last time I did this, it was about 6 months ago. I expect tonight to be the same experience as last time. I take reading material and liquid, read for a while, then sleep until right before they get there.

If there is anyone else who needs me to do that kind of baby-sitting, let's get to know each other and we'll see if I'll do it. I like sitting in other people's living rooms and reading for a while. Just let me know where the bathroom is.

I forgot to tell you yesterday, but the pregnancy test came up negative again. How long after a missed period does one go to a doctor if they keep getting negative pregnancy tests?


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cramps, Television, and Forums

Can you guess the question that goes with that title? (Leave your thoughts, this one is an interactive post)

And while cramps normally come during my period, but that's not what is happening. Instead, I've got cramps from walking like a stripper and taking my shirt off in a sexy manner. Darn that Oprah- teaching me about sexy! And I really need to start doing some crunches, but slowly.

My chiropractor did not like how my back was doing this morning. It refused to move in the mid-back area, which is tense and was sore to the touch this morning. Between that and my bra making it hard to breathe, I decided to go without a bra for most of the day (which will probably make me really look forward to going back to the chiropractor on Monday).

I'm going to go back watching TV, because it makes me laugh.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Learning About Feeling Sexy

So, I'm currently watching Oprah (because the Tulsa area shows it twice a day for unknown reasons to me) and she's talking about women getting their inner sex pot to come out. Not that Ace doesn't completely make me feel sexy, but he would love it if I just felt sexy all on my own (lately, my body has felt too icky, sore, and slightly nauseous for feeling sexy). Of course, I'm hoping that my current physical feelings have to do with the lack of a period (tomorrow, I'll be taking another pregnancy test).

I am convinced that at some time I need to let someone who has better fashion sense pick out some clothes for me (but the shoes MUST be flats, my feet HATE heels). I'm sure I would look much better that way, not that I look bad now. And it would be nice to see what someone else would pick out for my frame. If I could get my body back to the weight I was when Ace and I got married, I know that most clothes would hang very well on my body. The only other slight hurdle I have right now is a 34 H chest, which when I'm done having children will totally have my boobs reduced and lifted.

Well, now that I've shared more than I expected to, I'm going to go pay more attention to Oprah.


Finding Something to Talk About

I have been wracking my brains the past two days trying to figure out what I want to talk about. I don't want to be one of those women who obsess over whether or not they are pregnant (12 days since my period was supposed to start and nothing but 2 negative pregnancy tests). I didn't feel like sharing my weird dreams right now (all about extended family members I'm not currently in contact with). And I thought talking about Paris Hilton would just be stupid (she should serve her 45 days and let everyone move on already). Besides, I don't usually get pulled into all the drama that surrounds celebraties (I did sadly care way more than I want to admit about who the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby was). I didn't really feel like writing about what I've been looking at online (I've been slightly obsessed with Firefly right now).

So, because I had some very clear cut things I didn't want to talk about, it was hard to find something to talk about. And I still haven't found anything yet, I just decided to write about my indecision. And catch everyone up on my wait for it to be Thursday when I feel I can take another pregnancy test (1 a week until I either get a positive, reach some point that I feel I must see a doctor, or start a period, at least that's my plan).

I'm going to go, because I don't seem to have much else to say for now. I hope to have something more interesting tomorrow.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Moving Quickly Through the Day

I slept in this morning. And by that I mean, I got up with only a little more than an hour actually left in the morning. Then I watched some cartoons (Larry Boy and VeggieTales). Then Ace and I watched Barb Wire and The Naked Mile (the latest movie in the American Pie series). After all of that, we realized it was 4 in the afternoon, which meant that the day practically flew by, at least for me.

I've spent most of this evening, after church at 7, looking at stuff related to Firefly, a totally cool TV show that was cruelly cancelled before it had a full season and then went on to have a hit movie based on it. Ace and I love this show and the movie (Serenity) that followed. In fact, I blame him on me spending lots of time looking at stuff related to it, because he was watching our DVDs when I got up and not too long before we went to church.

So, all of that has made my day move rather quickly. And soon, but not quite yet, it will be over. I do feel the need to go gather some comics and read them, because I haven't done that the past few days.

Okay, I'm off to read comics, and possibly do some crossword puzzles.


Friday, June 8, 2007

Celebrating Ace's Birthday

Ace and I celebrated his birthday today by having sex. We also ate some more cake. I am hoping that when I take another pregnancy test it will come back positive, because that would be the best birthday gift I could give him this year. I've joked that if I am pregnant then it will also be his anniversary gift (our anniversary is later this month). I doubt it would be, but it's possible.

Well, Ace wants us to watch Children of Men, so I'm going to go do that now.


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Ace!!!

Today is Ace's birthday. He's a whole whopping 27. We celebrated today with cake and a Cookie Dough Blast from Sonic (and I got him a card). We'll do a real celebration with a dinner out sometime this weekend, probably. We spent the day doing business related activities.

I read this morning that the 5 high school graduates I mentioned the other day were given their diplomas by the school. The school officials kind of got into trouble too. There is a small part of me that wants to point out that they didn't give them back until after I wrote about it, but I doubt anyone of consequence to that situation saw my post.

In fertility news, I need to make sure I don't read about how fertility decreases in men and women starting at 26, because it tends to make my mind freak out. But, I'm still not on my period, which should be a good sign. We just have to find a store that actually sells pregnancy tests (I didn't find one at a local grocery store while we were picking up cake earlier, so I have to wait until tomorrow to take a second test).

At the same store that didn't seem to have pregnancy tests, I saw someone who was letting their child pee on the sidewalk in front of the store. There was a bathroom not that far inside the store, but they couldn't be bothered with actually getting out of their car (sitting right by the kid who was peeing) to take their child to the bathroom. It was sad, really.

Okay, enough of my random stuff. Leave a message wishing Ace a happy birthday (even though it will pretty much be over by the time you read this).


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

American Pie Trilogy

Ace and I have now seen the American Pie trilogy. Um, I'm not fully sure who the first one was for (okay, I know it's for teenage boys, but still). The second one was better than the first, and I'm not sure how I feel about American Wedding. There were some parts I liked, but there were definitely some things I didn't like.

In non-movie news, I am still waiting for my body to do something. Ace suggested that I take a pregnancy test yesterday, so I did but it came up negative. And yet, I'm still not on my period, which oddly seem to start in the past when I've taken a pregnancy test (like a couple of hours after taking it), so I am taking it as possible that the pregnancy test was wrong.

Um, yeah. That's all I have for now.


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Music and Lyrics

Tonight, Ace and I watched Music and Lyrics. While I could tell how it was following the normal romantic comedy plot, it was very enjoyable and felt very realistic. And the songs were fantastic. I kept saying, while we were watching it, that I loved the main characters and how they interacted. I found them adorable and cute. Ace even said that we have to buy this movie.

I was thinking earlier about what I do like about travel (which isn't too much). I love looking out of the window of an airplane while it is landing and seeing how everything looks like this really big miniature set (except that the cars all move). It is interesting to see them get bigger, and see pools that barely look like my finger tip will fit in that I know I could swim in when actually down on the ground. I also like seeing the clouds that look like cotton balls hanging in midair.

Well, I have crosswords to do.


Monday, June 4, 2007

Graduation Insanity

I read a lot of information that relates to parenting, mostly so that when I become a parent I know what to expect (as much as that is possible). Well, the past month, I've read several articles about high school graduations. I read that in Tulsa, several of the public schools have the graduation around a week or two before the end of school, mostly so that they can control the students and their families during the graduation. I also read of 5 students who were being denied their diplomas because their families cheered for them. Then I read about some family or friends of a student who got arrested for cheering at the ceremony.

Ace and I are wondering when the celebration of achieving a goal turned into the government (these were all public schools, I believe) trying to control the reactions of excited people. I wonder why we have all of these traditions that must be kept during the graduation ceremony (of course, I mean the long, boring speeches that are forever the same). Why do we seem to think that because these have been done for a while they should continue? I realize there is some comfort in things staying the same, but this kind of thing takes it to ridiculous extremes.

I remember that when I graduated from high school (8 years ago), it was after the year ended. There were some people who made noise, excited for their loved one. My graduating class, of over 400 people, all behaved ourselves well and did nothing to make our school look bad. We were proud of our accomplishment, but we wanted to treat the ceremony with the dignity we felt it deserved (plus, it was being video taped). There were no threats of not getting our diploma if we didn't behave (or having to do community service to receive it), and no one was kicked out or arrested (as far as I know). We all just smiled, walked across the stage, shook hands, got our pictures taken, and went back to our seats. And we got our diplomas about a week later. It was simple, we weren't punished for someone else's behavior. Nor were we allowed to walk across a stage without having earned the diploma.

In other news, it's been a long, busy day with no sign of a period showing up. We are hopeful.


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Day 3 of Moviefest '07

Today, I watched Not Anther Teen Movie and Drowning Mona. In fact, I just recently finished watching Drowning Mona. And now, I'm listening to podcasts that I downloaded earlier. The one I'm currently listening to is the show Veronica Mars, which has been cruelly canceled (and I sadly missed season 3, which didn't help). And moviefest '07 is over now.

While I'm done with my movie watching, I'm still waiting to find out if my body is just messing with me. I'm really, really hoping that I'm pregnant, which should be obvious to anyone who has read this past week. But I refuse to get my hopes up to high until my period has been at least a week late, which is not until Thursday.

Okay, I think I'm going to go read some comics and possibly some Sherlock Holmes.


Saturday, June 2, 2007

Day 2 of Moviefest '07

Today, I watched 3 movies (the last one twice). I've now seen the original Pink Panther, The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, and Date Movie (last night) since Ace has left town. I would suggest that if you ever get a chance to see Kung Pow: Enter the Fist also try to see it with what was originally said. Unless you speak Mandarin Chinese, you won't understand half of it, but the half in English is hilarious, even if it has nothing to do with the plot of the movie.

Other than watching movies, I've done some laundry and laid around enjoying myself. And making it patiently through another day with no start to my period and waiting for it to be one day closer to when Ace and I have determined it is a better time to take a pregnancy test. And watching all these movies has helped distract me from that.

Well, I have things to do, like watching movies and reading comics, so I guess I should get on that.


Friday, June 1, 2007

Waiting (Im)patiently

Well, I'm still waiting for my body to decide whether or not I'm pregnant. And I'm trying to be patient about it. Right now, I couldn't say one way or the other about the possibility of me being pregnant. My body is not giving off any clues on the subject either. So, I'm waiting impatiently for it to be a week from yesterday so I can take a pregnancy test if nothing changes before then. And I'd blame stress, but what stress? Nothing's been stressful lately.

Ace is in KC (he should be there by now). He isn't sure if he's coming back tomorrow night or Sunday afternoon, but I'm expecting him to be gone until Sunday personally. I've got plenty of movies to keep me company while he's gone (6 we rented plus everything we own). I went for all comedies when I picked out the movies, because I want to spend my weekend laughing.

I'm going to go back to enjoying the deleted/extended/alternate scenes from the movie I just watched.