Thursday, June 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Ace!!!

Today is Ace's birthday. He's a whole whopping 27. We celebrated today with cake and a Cookie Dough Blast from Sonic (and I got him a card). We'll do a real celebration with a dinner out sometime this weekend, probably. We spent the day doing business related activities.

I read this morning that the 5 high school graduates I mentioned the other day were given their diplomas by the school. The school officials kind of got into trouble too. There is a small part of me that wants to point out that they didn't give them back until after I wrote about it, but I doubt anyone of consequence to that situation saw my post.

In fertility news, I need to make sure I don't read about how fertility decreases in men and women starting at 26, because it tends to make my mind freak out. But, I'm still not on my period, which should be a good sign. We just have to find a store that actually sells pregnancy tests (I didn't find one at a local grocery store while we were picking up cake earlier, so I have to wait until tomorrow to take a second test).

At the same store that didn't seem to have pregnancy tests, I saw someone who was letting their child pee on the sidewalk in front of the store. There was a bathroom not that far inside the store, but they couldn't be bothered with actually getting out of their car (sitting right by the kid who was peeing) to take their child to the bathroom. It was sad, really.

Okay, enough of my random stuff. Leave a message wishing Ace a happy birthday (even though it will pretty much be over by the time you read this).

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