Saturday, December 1, 2012


I did post 30 bits of fiction in 30 days. I only wish I had gotten some feedback from someone other than myself. Because I'm not 100% sure that my liking something I wrote indicates it's good or if it indicates that I just like that particular thing.

So, if anyone wants to give me any feedback, I'll be happy to read it.

And now I'll go back to writing about what's going on with my life. Although, occasionally I may post some fiction in the future. If I find myself wanting to.

And now I need to go eat some lunch. Because I've skipped enough meals this year.

Depression sucks (especially when it causes me to skip meals, for weeks/months). I'm glad I'm moving past how badly is sucked me in this year. I don't really want to talk about it right now. I may not ever.

And I'm looking forward to moving soon.
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