Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Post About Nothing

I feel like I should write and pour my heart out. Only, I really have nothing that needs to be said.

I spent about 48 hours terrified concerned that I might be pregnant, because as much as I want kids now is so not the time for a pregnancy. And then I started spotting and now I feel like I can breathe again (don't tell me that until I actually start my period there is no breathing room, I know this, but I feel better knowing my body is doing something it's supposed to do right now even if it could mean something else.).

Hormones had me feeling nauseous more often that I like. And peppermints were helping, but bumps were making it worse. And there are a ton of bumps on the road.

Things are going well with the new company. We're keeping ourselves as put together as we can and it's been less stressful.

I have discovered which company makes condiments for McDonald's. That's kind of cool.

Yeah... I've got nothing right now.
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