Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm Tired

Dude, I'm tired. I mean, I've worked (on my feet) 14 hours in the past 72 hours (4 hours Friday, 5 hours yesterday, and 5 hours today). My feet are sore and I am tired.

But I have a wonderful, soft, new red robe (for less than $30, thank you store discount/sale). And I start work tomorrow morning at 9 for around $14 an hour. It's a Monday-Friday job for 3 months, 4 hours a day, doing office work (so I'll get to sit). I'm just happy that I have tomorrow off from Bath and Body Works (not that I won't probably go by the store with some out of town visitors, but not for a long time frame).

I'm going back to my relaxing.


P.S.: Have I mentioned that I'm tired?
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