Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Is Going to Be Better, Right:?

It's been a somewhat long day. Ace and I returned to Tulsa, but then we had a lot of stuff to do after we got here. We had laundry to wash, stuff to rearrange, and I needed to find some time to relax again. Nicely, the laundry is clean, almost everything is back in it's place, and I've spent some time relaxing.

Unfortunately for me, almost nothing about this place has changed in the week I've been gone. The dishes have been switched back out to the new dishes (I'm pretty sure we still need to store the Christmas dishes, though). The fridge is looking less full than it was when I left. But the people are still the same.

There was a random reminder that my in-laws were going to church tonight (yeah, got it, we still remember what day it is, thanks). There is still food being burnt and then eaten like there is nothing wrong with it. There's still the fact that we are ready to be living on our own again.

And there's still my mind, full of random thoughts on a variety of subjects, churning along trying to figure out how to incorporate my thoughts on my discussions with Ace and with my dad earlier today. There was lots of talking about my past, about my mom, about my siblings, and it's all just needs to be put into the right spots. There's new information that's being processed and old information that needs to settle back down.

However, I'm choosing instead right now to look at this coming year and see the good things that are waiting for me. Things like moving out of my in-laws house, getting a new laptop, and starting to pay off debts. More chances to get pregnant, or to be pregnant and have a healthy baby. There are new books for me to read and a book to write. 2011 is just getting started, and I think the future is looking bright.
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