Friday, January 28, 2011

Update on Things

So... I mentioned Ace getting a second job. And he did, but it didn't really work out, because the company was... well, to put it as nicely as I can, kind of messed up. They were supposed to be sending Ace on pre-scheduled appointments to talk to business owners/decision makers. Instead, they sent him to talk to people who couldn't make a decision for the business and at times they weren't expecting him. Or they sent him to talk to people who didn't want to talk to him in the first place.

After 8 appointments, he realized this whole thing was not going to work out.

So, who knows what's going to happen now. Ace is still looking for a second job and still plans on selling insurance (except this week is shot because of the weather, which is cold after a weekend with highs in the 70s).

And now you are all brought up to date on things.
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