Friday, September 7, 2007

Finding My Voice

Sometimes... No, to be fully honest, most of the time, I have no idea what I'm going to write before I start. Sometimes, I change what my sentence will say while I'm typing it (if you see typos, that is a good indication of a switch in that sentence). And I don't know exactly what this blog is about. Since I'm not constantly talking about getting pregnant (much to at least some people's relief, I'm sure) and since I don't have kids yet, this is definitely not a mommy blog. Mostly, it's a place for me to say what I want to say with only my own sense of what is too personal stopping me from revealing anything, which is nice, but it leads to some posts that sound odd next to other posts. And I'm fine with that. It works. I'm unique, quirky, odd in my own way. But sometimes, I would like there to be some better flow to what I have to say.

I'm talking to the dog again. He was forgiven before the day was over. I'm frustrated that he gets into the trash, especially since I don't know how to stop it. But he truly likes us and tries hard to be good. So I can't stay mad at him for too long.

I'm going to keep trying to find my voice on here, until I find one I'm comfortable with (Ace could probably agree that I'm doing that off-line as well). Thank you for sticking with me.

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