Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Ultimate Gift

Today, I reread The Ultimate Gift. Not exactly a hard thing to do, because the first time I read it was to Ace on the way to and from his aunt's funeral (it was good, and seemed rather fitting). It was nice not to have to read it out loud. After seeing the movie just a few days ago (3, to be exact), it was interesting to see what had changed. After finishing the book, I noticed that the author is local to Tulsa.

I went through the tubs Ace had packed (he packed up most of the books, including The Ultimate Gift) yesterday. I pulled out a few books (less than one row on my bookcase) and quite a few CDs, mostly from our church. I think that I have enough sermons to listen to to fill up all of my waking hours for the next 2 weeks (possibly even 3 weeks) without repeating anything.

Well, I'm going to go. Ace and I have been discussing having sex, and I think I should jump on that.

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