Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2 Long Hours

We had to reschedule Guillermo's vet appointment to today.

His appointment was at 9 (I haven't seen 9 am since I stopped working, it's early when you go to bed around 2 am). We talked to the nurse, found out his ears are dirty (we'll be cleaning them this week, yay!), found out that he is really overweight (he should be a maximum of 80 lbs, he's roughly 122), found out what his new diet will be, got his shots up-to-date (he seems to be fine, but I'm sure he didn't love getting the shots), found out that he doesn't like having his butt messed with (temperature taking, he hates it), got him new diet food (he'll be slowly moved over to it from the current food to the diet food), set up an appointment for him to be groomed (Thursday, he won't have too long of nails, yay!), set up an appointment for the second part of his shots (hopefully in the next 3 weeks he'll be 10 lbs lighter and we can schedule his teeth cleaning), got health insurance for him, and got him stuff for flea and tick prevention (which probably won't be used until after he gets groomed).

All of that took almost 2 hours (we got home shortly after 11).

I took a nap. Ace did the laundry and also took a nap.

The morning was definitely all about the dog, but he's fairly healthy over all (other than being overweight and needing a grooming).

I think I've done pretty much all I'm going to do for the day.

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