Thursday, May 8, 2008

Things I'm Finding Annoying

Yeah, you get a list today.

1. We have ants in the house. The ants make me feel uncomfortable. And why are the ants in the bathroom, where there is no food? Why do they come into the house each spring when it gets warm?

2. We had so much rain last night that it got into our ducts. This means we should probably get them all re-run in our attic. Which probably won't be extremely cheap. Hopefully our insurance will cover most of it.

3. We recently watched an episode of Bones that ended up by saying fraternal twins (of opposite gender) would have the exact same DNA. Anyone who watches any CSI-type show would know this isn't true.

4. The fact that I can't seem to think of more than three or four things for lists lately. It's annoying!

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