Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Things

Well, yesterday was a day for good things.

I discovered the toilet I thought had to be baby-sat to stop flushing just needed a minor adjustment (which has now been made), so there is a fully functioning half bath in this house.

Also, while Ace and I were shopping, we decided to get some pillows for the new-to-us couch (for support/something to cuddle/something to nap on/whatever), and are planning on buying some slip covers for both the couch and the love-seat so that at least some of our furniture in the living room will match (the only things that currently match are the massage chair and it's footstool). I'm not sure when we'll get the slip cover for the love-seat, but we are looking at getting the slip cover for the couch very soon.

After several months of feeling like we've just had bad news piling up, it's good to get some good news.
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