Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Great Re-Arrangement

Yesterday, we got a newer couch. We bought a couch from Karen and her husband shortly before the wedding, and yesterday they delivered it.

Between the time Karen called to let me know they were coming by and the time they got here, I spent a good portion of my time moving furniture around (something Ace scolded me for last night). I moved our love-seat to another wall. I moved my massage chair temporarily into the dining room (it's back in the living room now, I was smart enough to let Ace move it around).

Now, our living room looks a lot smaller, but has a lot more seating than it did before (if someone came by, they could sit on something besides the floor). And today, I have a somewhat sore back from moving furniture. But, overall, both Ace and I are feeling good about how things are arranged and are happy that I'm not feeling as bad as we both thought I would today.
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