Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It Only Takes One

I went to turn the light on, but nothing happened. Well, there was a flash as the bulb turned on, but it went off just as quickly. The light bulb was burnt out.

I head to the pantry to find a new bulb, since there were light bulbs in the pantry the last time I looked for one. After a careful search, there were no light bulbs there any more.

I move back to the bedroom, to try moving some wires to see if that will magically fix the light bulb. It doesn't. Convinced that I must have just missed seeing them, I head back to the pantry to search once more. There were still no light bulbs to be found.

Just as I'm about to give up on finding light bulbs and will have to wait until Ace gets home to have an overhead light in my room, I decide to check the garage (I've pulled the old bulb out of the socket to throw away, but for some reason I am carrying it around). I don't really remember there being light bulbs there before, but one never knows where they might find a bulb.

I look around the garage. At first, I don't notice the light bulbs, but they soon catch my eye. Triumphantly, I grab the package and tear the plastic wrap surrounding them and pull out a bulb. I walk back into the house, carefully keeping the new bulb separated from the old bulb so I can tell them apart. I return to the socket, put in the bulb, pull the cord, and I have light!
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