Monday, October 11, 2010


Dinner, which I have finished eating, but no one else has, has been strained tonight. Ace is frustrated because he cooked the main dish, but his mother didn't trust him enough to make sides to go with it. Ace is also frustrated because cooking dinner was sprang on him this afternoon with no time to mentally prep for it. Plus, his mother wasn't exactly tactful on how she started fixing side dishes.

My mother-in-law is upset because she assumes that Ace was only planning on putting some green beans as a side dish for steak and her blood sugar would dip too low throughout the night if that's the case (she's diabetic, so this is a concern, but she's not going to bed for several hours so she would have plenty of time to eat more food). Also, her blood sugar was low before we started eating (but didn't think about having some of the orange juice she's got in the fridge for these occasions).

I ate quickly and am now hiding in the bedroom to avoid the stress of any arguing going on out there. I'm also trying not to take it personally that the only person I see on a daily basis who seems to remember that my birthday is coming up is Ace. After all, it's only the same day as my in-laws only grandchild.

I don't think there is enough chocolate in this house to make this evening seem better right now. If only there were someone else we could be temporarily living with.
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