Thursday, October 21, 2010

So Far, 30 Rocks

I know, I've only been 30 for a day, but it has been so cool. Last night, my in-laws took me out to a nice dinner (I got to choose a restaurant). Dinner was nice, it was really relaxed. We all enjoyed our food. Then, we had cake (that my father-in-law baked and my mother-in-law iced) after my in-laws got home from church.

Tonight, Ace and I are going on a date (something I'm hoping gets to be a more regular thing from now). We're going out to another nice restaurant (that I've gotten to choose). We're spending the night in a hotel, so we can have some alone time. We're planning on getting me birthday cheesecake slices to celebrate my birthday.

Then, on Sunday, we're taking a day trip to visit my dad & step-mom. So, my birthday celebration seems to just be growing some.

And now I need to go, because I've got a hotel to go check into.
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