Friday, February 24, 2012

The Importance of Words

I've realized something over the course of my life. Words are important. They have lots of meaning. They can be used to convey lots of things.

I can tell a lovely story of how Ace and I met. I can paint that picture with words and make it come to life. You can feel like you were right there.

Or I can tell a story of how my mother emotionally abused me. How she made me feel small, quiet, and defenseless. I can pull at those emotional strings and leave you feeling bad for me.

Words have meaning and power. How we use them can be tricky. I can say something that is perfectly true while implying something that isn't. Or I can be frank and honest, but still not effectively communicate.

I don't know that I've always had a love of words. I've always felt more comfortable in books than in real life. And all those books have given me a big vocabulary. They have shown me that words are important. The meanings of words are important.

I want to tell a story (not here, at least not right now). The words I choose for that story are important. I want to show the truth of real life, even if it's hidden in behind a veil of fiction. When I chose names for my characters, I picked carefully. Names have meanings, and I wanted the meanings of my character's names to be related to their character. And it was a great start.

Words have meanings. And that makes them important.

P.S.: Yeah, this post seems to be a bit choppy, sorry. I can't seem to find the right words to express myself. Ironic, given the topic of the importance of words.
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