Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dear Wil Wheaton

Dear Wil Wheaton,
Hi. How are you? Is life treating you well? I hope it is (it seems like it is).

This is my letter of girlish glee at how cool you seem to be. Even playing a mean version of yourself isn't enough to stop my inner nerd fan girl (who probably comes out way more often than she should) from loving you a bit.

If it weren't for the fact that I am completely in love with my husband and you seem to be absolutely devoted to your wife (That Soft Kitty video was adorable!), I'd ask you to marry me. Instead, I'm asking you to be willing to let me continue to get all excited. Continue to not be a dick in real life (and you can continue to be a dick all you want in fiction, because you do it well). Continue to be willing to make fun of yourself and to introduce your fans to new, completely nerdy things. Because being nerdy is cool, and not in some hipster ironic way.

Basically, I'm asking you not to change. At least not in any deep fundamental way. Keep being the guy who encourages other guys to not be dicks. Keep advocating for everyone to be able to feel comfortable playing games, whatever their gender. Keep making fun of Wesley Crusher, because he kind of deserves it. Keep encouraging us to think of Sparks McGee and remember him in Wesley's place.

Thanks for not being a dick.

M.A. Smith

P.S.: I can't decide how much I love Chaos or hate him when he shows up on Leverage. That's good work.
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