Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This morning started, as most of the mornings since the 16th have, with an alarm going off at 5:30. I then went about getting ready for my day at school. Everything was fine, until roughly 6:30 when I took some muscle relaxant and pain reliever. Then, my stomach violently revolted. I kept them down, but I wasn't really sure I would.

Ace called us in sick (he stayed to take care of me, he's feeling fine) and I laid back down. I ended up taking two naps this morning. My stomach is feeling better-ish. I'm not feeling like throwing up right now, but I doubt I'll be up for school this afternoon either.

Ace's mom is slightly upset that he's staying home to take care of me. I'm not pushing him one way or the other, although I did tell him he could go to school if he wanted. He'd rather take care of me and not work for a company that would rather him leave his wife uncared for if this is going to affect our chances for a job.

Hopefully this is just somewhat of the tail end of some heat exhaustion I suffered yesterday. Although, my continued desire for more sleep is annoying me to no end. I went to bed last night at 8:30, so my body had plenty of sleep when I first got up. I guess if it still wants more, I must be fighting something off.

On the plus side, we were mostly ahead of our classmates (the people who started when we did). We aren't likely to be too far behind them with missing one day. And worse case scenario, we have to wait an extra day or two to take our driving test. We should still be out of here in a few weeks and my sanity should remain intact. Now if my stomach would just cooperate.
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