Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Has it only been two days since I've last posted? It feels like longer.

Sorry, Ace and I have just spent two fairly intensive days in a classroom learning things we need to know to go take a written test on Thursday so we can start learning how to actually drive the trucks on Friday. And the first things we get to practice? Backing up (only the hardest thing to do), something that the manual produced by the state of Oklahoma tells you to avoid doing if at all possible.

The changes that are about to be happening are slightly overwhelming. I'm excited, and tired, and nervous, and ready to be done with all this training and on the road with Ace, and some small part of me is freaked out because my life is about to change drastically (also, I keep noticing weird things happening to random body parts, probably because I need more sleep and less caffeine).

I'm not overwhelmed by all this information (although, it is a little overwhelming). I'm overwhelmed by all these emotions (and some fatigue, I'll be honest).

Life as I knew it has been changed forever.
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