Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Mouse Problem

Last week, I discovered very quickly how used to my personal mouse I was. After 10 minutes trying to use a similar mouse, I realized I was getting frustrated. My mouse has two extra buttons on it, one to move pages forward and one to move them back (great for internet browsing, I tell you), and apparently they have become vital to my mental health in the few months that I've had this mouse.

So, Ace's desktop temporarily had two mice at it. I used my mouse when I was on, and he used his mouse when he was on. It was working just fine for us, if looking a little silly. Until his mouse suddenly died.

At that point, we had my working mouse and his non-working mouse at his computer, the cord for my laptop on the way, and no way that I am going to just let him keep my mouse when I get my laptop back (because I need it for my mental well being, remember). And our only back-up mouse was being used by my father-in-law because his mouse had died and we didn't use that one.

Ace's parents have bought a mouse (we are using it, because it was way too difficult to explain whose mouse we were replacing to my father-in-law). It is a plain, simple mouse, not one like Ace and I have been using recently, but it works.

But it seems strange that just as we are fixing my problem (at no cost to us, nicely), we suddenly have another problem. It's been way too crazy with technology all of a sudden around here. On the plus side, I think we may have hit the end of those problems for a while. But I think a new keyboard for Ace maybe something we consider in the near future.
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