Monday, April 2, 2012


This morning, about 5 minutes after 11:30, the doorbell rang. By the time I got the door opened, there wasn't anybody there, but there was a package with my name on it.

I have a cord that can charge my laptop again! I am back to being independent of Ace's computer, a fact we are both grateful for. Now I can take however long I want doing whatever I want and not feel like I'm frustrating him any.

Nicely we only had to share a computer for a week, and I got caught up on some magazines while I was on an internet diet. My stack of things to read is currently smaller and will probably be ignored for a day or two, while I revel in my laptop again.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the mouse situation (because we seem to like having computer issues pop up one right after the other).
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