Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Day of Silence

I knew that yesterday, I should not post about the environment. I don't think most of the people who were writing about the environment would want to hear what I have to say (I like the planet, but I also know the claims of both sides and know which I believe). So, I decided to spend the day silent.

Plus, I was busy hemming up my new dress pants. That takes some time. In fact, I still have one pair of pants to re-hem (they are, or mostly were, just a little too long).

I've been to three interviews for evening/weekend jobs for me. All of them seemed to indicate a potential willingness to have me work there with at least 2 of them possibly keeping me after Christmas. I've also had an interview with a local temp accounting company, who said they would try to get me work, but I should also put in applications to other temp companies too. Today, I started the application process with another temp company (I'll finish tomorrow, and have an interview too). I would have done the whole thing today, but I had to go to an interview that I had previously scheduled. Ace is probably going to get a job working for a satellite company, so not too long after the New Year, we'll have a free system put in at our new house (as long as he's hired to work for them) with all of the premium channels.

So, now you know why I've not been talking on here much lately. I've been busy or just wanting to relax for most of the last week.

I'll post again when I have something to say, or when something big happens (like my world gets back on course).

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