Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Birthday Part 2

Well, after I wrote my post, Ace and I went to get our niece a card. Then we sat and talked for a little while (in Home Depot's parking lot). We got to the party a little early and mostly ended up playing with a balloon for a good portion of the party. We left before the party was over (we left after brownies were served and presents were opened). I got to watch The Corpse Bride (cute) and go to church. Then I got to find out that my cousin gave birth (she probably felt it was about time). I got to see pictures (he's a cutie). Then, Ace and I got the lovely task of talking with Ace's parents about our finances (his father felt the need to tell us things we already know, it was frustrating).

Basically, my birthday was anything but totally happy (and about pretty much anything but about me). And I spent about half of it wishing I could get drunk (not that I've ever been drunk). Church was nice.

I'm going. I'm supposed to do something about making dinner for 4.

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