Monday, December 21, 2009

How I Succeeded in Annoying Myself Needlessly

Once a month, I have gotten cramps. Bad ones. Bad enough to make me take medicine to avoid the irrational side of me that comes out when I'm hurting (although, even the not so bad cramps bring out the irrational side of me).

So, in order to not snap at people irrationally, I take Midol and I feel better. Except for when I got up today. Instead, I was overly focused on getting a couple of errands done quickly that I didn't take anything before we left. Which meant that I was cranky. And a little too hormonal.

So, we went and got our mail, went by the bank, and headed to buy supplies. At Wal-Mart. 4 days before Christmas. It was an insane plan, but I need these supplies.

We find what I'm looking for (a small package of my preferred brand and size, for much less than I was expecting) and get in the express 20 items or less line. Then, someone gets in line behind us and mentions that it's going to be a wait. Of course it's going to be a wait. It's 4 days until Christmas. Nicely, the line moves fairly quickly (not as fast as it might normally, but it wasn't taking forever). I put down my purchase, the cashier scans it and asks how we are (since Ace was with me). We gave the appropriate and correct answer of fine.

In the car, we wondered about why he asked how we were (other than to be generally nice). Obviously it's not great. We're going out to a crowded store the week of Christmas to buy supplies for my period. I'm not happy because I'm on my period (and my pants were tighter than my stomach wanted them to be) and Ace isn't happy because there is no sex when I'm on my period (I don't generally want to be touched the first few days of my period, much less think of sex). It was a stupid question given that we had only the one item.

And now I sound cranky again.
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