Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Hilarity of Spam Part 4

I know I've been quiet lately (which isn't really all that like me), but I've been sorting out myself emotionally. And I haven't wanted to talk about it. I still don't, so instead, we're going to look at my spam.

>Dear Sir,

Oh. So wrong. At least you guessed, that puts you one up on my other spam.

>This mail is from the FBI/INTER-POLICE UK, pardon me to start by saying >God have come to your rescure.Our mission is to help protect you, we just >recieved a mail from the FBI UNITED KINGDOM that they have catch the >people involve in the internet fraud business which your email was one of >the email address that was given to them as a victim. Well, from all >indication, you are to contact them on their email address below for more >information and to know when to send your recovered money back to you.

This is new. Supposedly they want to give me money back. Except, I never sent any money to anyone. Also, the FBI doesn't have jurisdiction in the UK. Also, the spelling is bad, very bad (What is rescure? I know what word they mean, but that's not the word they used.). Plus, I think they just said that I have to send my recovered money back to me (maybe?).

>Name Desmond Carl
>Please they are awaiting your mail immediately.

Keep waiting. It won't be coming. Since I've never sent money to anyone that I met by e-mail.


I'm hurt. This time the e-mail wasn't from Robert Mueller 111. It's like he's given up on me (without ever sending those FBI agents to my residence). If you're angry with me, Robert, we can make up. I'm not like that anymore. I'll never make fun of you again. After all, you're from the future, right? You know that I won't, because I didn't in your past. Why don't you love me anymore, Robert? (and scene)

>Correo Electronico, Gobierno del Distrito Federal.

Yeah, that makes the whole thing more convincing, doesn't it?

Oh, spammers. You never learn. You're never convincing, even when offering me "recovered" money. On the plus side, this was the short spam I've been sent from the "FBI".
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