Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Check in the Mail

After Ace and I got foreclosed upon (something I'm not up to talking about right now, maybe someday), we had to move quickly. Then we had to cancel services with all the utilities and then try to figure out what the next step was.

We found ourselves moving in with my dad and step-mom for a while, then finding we could move to Springfield, MO (where Ace wanted us to move) fairly shortly after.

Today, or probably yesterday, we got a check in the mail from our homeowner's policy. We've gotten a refund from the payment made to them since we are no longer homeowners. This check will cover our rent for the next month in Springfield.

I'm sitting here, trying not to squeal (again) in excitement. We weren't expecting this check, but we are happy to get it. It'll help me relax more knowing what to expect over the next month.

And now I have to go find a bank. Fun!
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