Friday, December 18, 2009


Ace and I have shifted our schedule to where we're going to bed around 8 am and getting up around 4 pm (give or take a few hours).

Today, around 1 pm, the fire alarm went off. Not surprisingly, we were startled out of sleep by it. Since we are currently staying in a hotel, we followed their instructions to call down to the front desk (since there was no fire in our room). It turns out that they were working on the system and tripped the alarm and couldn't turn it off right away.

Now, while the alarm was going off, Ace and I got dressed. Then, he started combing his hair and I emptied my bladder. Neither of us was particularly concerned about a need to get out quickly, which was good since there was no fire. In fact, the only thing I wondered about was if my ears would be okay (that alarm is loud, in case people are heavy sleepers, I suppose).

Ace decided to stay up for a while, because of the adrenalin rush. I, however, went back to sleep even though I knew that there was a possibility of the fire alarm being tripped again (it wasn't). So far, he has been up since then, but he may take a nap in a little while.

And now I must go, I've got other things to do and pay attention to.

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