Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Guess They Were Distracted

Tonight, Ace and I got some Taco Bell. We pull up, order, and everything seems to be okay. We pull around to the window, pay and get handed our food.

The first problem we had was that we ordered a drink too. They forgot to give us our drink, so Ace asked about it. Then, I look in the bag and mention that they didn't give us any napkins or a spork (I ordered something that needed a utensil, we had none). So when they give us our drink, he asks for some napkins and a spoon or spork.

We got 3 napkins and a fork. Now, the three napkins were fine, that was no big deal (other than we had to ask for them), but they obviously weren't paying attention to what Ace said when they gave us a fork instead of a spoon or a spork. Since I ordered something that would work better with a spoon, I waited to eat it until we got back (which took a little while since we drove around some first).

I don't think they were intentionally trying to give us bad service, but the only other explanation we can think of is that they were completely distracted.

At least the food tasted good and only one of us needed any napkins.
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