Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's a Great Big World

I'm still adjusting my mind to the fact that 50 degrees with no wind is actually warm. When you've been around cold winds that cut through jackets all your life, it takes some getting used to.

Today is one of those beautiful days that makes you happy to be alive. The sun is out, the temperature is nice and warm, and the breeze is actually kind of nice. I'm tempted to want to spend more time outside, something that would surprise a lot of people who know me.

I am predominately an indoor person. I'm okay with the great outdoors, as long as I can see it from inside or don't have to spend a lot of time in it. Not because I think there is anything wrong with being outside, it just doesn't usually appeal to me (probably because of the winds I'm used to). In Oklahoma, you do your hair twice; once before you leave and once when you get there. Here in Springfield, it's very different. Cold temperatures (or moderate ones) don't seem to be as cold. There's so much less wind, so windchill seems non-existent to someone used to strong winds.

I am finding myself more and more enamored with the idea of travel. I want to see the world, or at least as much of it as I feel safe seeing. And I'd like to start seeing it sooner rather than later. I'd like to see the differences between what I'm used to and what is out there. And, of course, I'd like to find the similarities too. I'm also finding myself wanting a house with a yard so that I can grow vegetables or, at least, try growing some herbs. I'm yearning for the excitement of travel and the roots of establishing a home and it's an odd feeling. Hopefully, I'll be able to do both.

It's a great big world and I want to see it. And, someday, I think I will.
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