Friday, March 5, 2010

The One Where I'm a Roller Coaster

This morning has been playing havoc with my emotions. Which is all dumb, because I know that Ace and I are doing fine and will continue to do fine.

Our original plan this morning was to take the car to get a diagnostic run to find out why our blinkers aren't currently working (it's not so fun to go anywhere right now). Then we were going to do a little grocery shopping before going to the mall so I could people watch.

Instead, Ace called and got our car re-insured (because it's a bit bigger of a deal) and we paid for our mailbox for 3 more months and realized that we didn't have any money left for food after that. So, we decided to come back to our room and skip everything else.

Then we found out we have a check in our mail, a small one but it's enough to cover what food we really wanted for this next week. And about that time, some part of me decided that I should just curl up with my blanket and forget about anything.

My emotions have been kind of haywire lately. If I hadn't had my period somewhat recently, I'd be wondering about the possibility of pregnancy, at least a little. But I think I've just been pushing myself mentally and emotionally lately and I'm seeing some of the repercussions from that.

I have been avoiding curling up with my blanket. While it might make me feel better in the short term, it would be an awful idea for the long term. And right now, I need to start looking to the future more.

Today, I'm feeling like I'm a roller coaster. Maybe tomorrow I'll be the Tilt-O-Whirl, a ride I much prefer.
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