Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting Organized

Earlier, I spent some time working on my new 3x5 cards getting some things organized for my writing. I now have cards for all my main characters. They are all described physically (looks, age, height) and I have other important information written down to help me keep all my characters straight when writing. There's only 9 characters, but I don't want to describe them in two or three different ways and have to make major changes later.

Since 3x5 cards aren't sold in packs of 9, I have plenty of other cards for any additional information I may need to add to these cards (not that they are full yet, but it never hurts to have extra cards around). Or plenty of cards for whatever future book I may write (I know, one step at a time).

Doing this feels like an important step forward in my book. I have the characters mapped out decently and organized. I have their full names, as well as nicknames, and their important info all together for quick review if need be. Instead of a long page full of info, I have something small and easy to shuffle around. I even have plans for if the info goes past the first card on how to keep (or return) order among my info.

I may not have written any more on my book yet, but I feel like I've accomplished something on my mental list of working on writing. It's a start.
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