Saturday, October 25, 2008

And Dog Makes Three

After wondering for a week, I would imagine the family that was temporarily taking care of Guillermo was wondering if they were ever going to see signs up for him.

So, we have him back. We finally got to putting more and newer signs up where more people could see them last night (or really early this morning, since it was after Ace got off work). And we got 2 calls and a text message from the people who took Guillermo in within an hour (I'm not sure which finally woke Ace up, but one of them did). They were excited to give him back.

Guillermo apparently escaped the yard, made his way over to a nearby park we've walked with him to (and around) a few times. The daughter (and her boyfriend) of the people who had him noticed him there and opened the door to their vehicle, which was all it took for him to decide he could go with these people (luckily, they seem to be nice people).

The family where he stayed were more than happy to return him, as they already had two dogs and weren't really looking to expand their canine family. But, they did buy him a ball, which we figure will last about 30 minutes if he has uninterrupted access (which we are fine with him having, because we are just so happy to have him back).

At this point, I've had less than 4 hours sleep so far today, but I'm too excited to sleep right now because Guillermo is home! Safe and sound!

Plus, I know we've fixed the problem with the gate (cable and a key lock, that gate's not moving without our permission now), so I'm free to stick him outside if I need to. Also, we've got his rabies shot tag on his collar (which he'll be wearing until we get him chipped, which will also happen as soon as possible) which will at least identify him well enough should he somehow get out again. Plus, we plan on getting him an actual name tag for said collar, so the rabies shot tag will be getting some company.

But, we are now whole again.

I've learned a few things about a dog free life. 1. It was nice to have a week where no one was watching me eat, but I didn't eat as much (or as often) as I should have. 2. I really and truly missed Guillermo while he was gone. I realized how much I love him. 3. Now I can go back to enjoying watching Jeff Dunham's Spark of Insanity, which is good, because I've got that on DVD now (as well as already having Arguing with Myself) and I really think the man is funny (One of the last things I watched before Guillermo escaped the back yard was that special. Guillermo was sitting near me, Ace was taking a nap, and the evening felt nice... until the next time I watched it trying to cheer myself back up because the dog was gone, and I couldn't laugh at the end because I remembered how nice it was that night and now he was gone. So, I'm very happy he's back, so I can fully enjoy that DVD.). 4. I almost wished he was a kid so that I could call the cops and get him back quickly, except I'm pretty sure I'd never kick my kids into the backyard in this neighborhood unless they were old enough to be unsupervised and happy enough not to run away.

But for today, I'm happy, because the dog is back home. And he'll stay here if he knows what's good for me.
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