Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More About Guillermo

Because the dog has taken over my thoughts lately (okay, it's really because the only exciting stuff lately has been stuff to do with the dog).

Yesterday, we took Guillermo by Petsmart to get him weighed (and take down the missing sign, if it was still up). We were excited to find out that he was down to under 100 lbs. so he could safely get his teeth cleaned. And they could fit him in today to do that. Of course, that meant he couldn't eat anything after 10 last night, but he's now got clean teeth, trimmed nails, and he's all chipped (with something on his collar to mention that he's chipped).

So, if he manages to get out again, he can be identified.

On the other hand, Ace is ready for us to just be home for a while. He's had to get dressed to leave the house 3 times already in the past 24 hours (once to drop off the dog, once to pick Guillermo back up, and once to do the majority of our grocery shopping). I'm not helping, because I'm pushing for us to go finish our grocery shopping tonight (thus getting him dressed for the 4th time in 24 hours, and me for the 3rd time since I slept through picking the dog back up from the vet's office).

But, all this running around and getting dressed will mean that tomorrow we can stay home in our pajamas all day if we want (although, there is talk of visiting Bass Pro Shop, but that's for fun). I've kind of promised a day of sleep, sex, and World of Warcraft (with sex being only if he wants it) tomorrow. Because I've got to try to make his days off work fun for him, so he doesn't see them as just more work.

Since I've been up, Guillermo has slept a lot (probably from the anesthesia used while they cleaned his teeth). He's been energetic when awake, but moving slightly slower than normal, possibly because of the drugs still leaving his system. He did get a treat from us in that we bought him a pillow type thing to sleep on. It's been here a few hours, and he's finally laying down on it and seems content.

Now if I can just convince myself to stop taking pictures of him as much as possible, because the dog does need his rest. I'm just overly excited about him being home right now.

And I've got to go, so I can finish my grocery shopping as quickly as possible to get back to relaxing.

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