Friday, October 10, 2008

A Trickle of E-Mail

Well, my e-mail access is back, but the e-mails are only trickling through.

And, so, I'm trying to be patient, because I'm not happy that I was without e-mail access so long and now it's taking so long for e-mails to actually reach me (what is up with that?).

It also doesn't help that Ace, who uses the exact same company for one of his e-mail addresses, has not lost his e-mail access in this process (from what the company has said, he's one of the lucky few who hasn't lost e-mail access).

On the plus side, they have mentioned some kind of compensation type thing for this being such an extreme outage.

So, I sit and wait for my e-mails to come through for me.

And so goes another day.

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