Thursday, October 9, 2008

How Much Upgrading Is Enough?

One of my e-mail addresses (I have 3) in a paid for e-mail address. Once a year, I have to fork over money to keep it. Sometime in 2006 (or possibly 2007), the company who runs it merged with another company. And for the past year, they have been doing tons of upgrades.

The problem with those upgrades is that every time they do one, I loose e-mail access for two or three days. 4 times in the past year, I've had no access to the e-mail sent to the address on a system that I pay for (my free e-mail addresses have never been down).

Their latest reason for me loosing my e-mail access (right after they had restored it) was that too many people were trying to access their e-mail (because we had gone for most of 48 hours without e-mail and were slightly desperate to get our services, the ones we pay for, back). So, they took half (or more) of us offline (I'm so lucky to be in that group, huh?) and will stagger us back on. So that there won't be problems.

I will admit, one of the times I had no e-mail access wasn't their fault (I was down for a week and a half), but it is getting ridiculous (before they merged, they had it where I didn't have service one time and gave me three months of free service to make up for it, I miss that type of customer service).

So, now I'm waiting until who knows when to get this e-mail address back, and guess what time of the year it is too.

If only I could make this insanity up. Instead, I've been reminding myself that it's too early to drink if I've just gotten out of bed (because I'm not an alcoholic, in fact, I barely ever drink) and that it's healthier to kill bad guys in World of Warcraft instead.

So, how much upgrading is enough when you know it knocks the access to a group of your customers pretty much every time you update?
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