Monday, September 14, 2009

Guillermo's Accident

In the short time between when we gave Guillermo back to Karen and took him back to dog-sit for the honeymoon, he managed to get injured some. He's okay, but he's still healing.

According to Karen, they were out at the wedding site (or on their way? I'm a little fuzzy on that detail) and Guillermo got all muddy. So, when it was time to leave, they put him in the bed of the truck for the ride home. Well, he leaned out of the side, further than he should have been, and was enjoying himself (why do dogs like having their heads out the window when riding in a car?). The had just decided to stop and put him in the truck, when they got distracted with some firefighters collecting money.

Well, a short time later, they realized they couldn't see Guillermo's head in the back anymore. They pull over and realize that he's no longer in the bed of the truck and there are scratch marks from where he tried to hold on down the side of the truck. They go back and find him bleeding a lot and having made a mess of himself, which freaked Karen out because she couldn't stop thinking that there could be serious internal injuries.

So, they get him in the truck and rush him to the emergency vet. The vet sedates him so they can clean his injuries properly (they are mostly on his face). And, of course, they have to shave a few spots to ensure they get everything fixed up right.

From what we can see, he got a big gash on his face and couple of smaller injuries to go with it. I have to keep reminding myself that half of what makes his injury look so bad is that his face was partially shaved. But, he's obviously doing fine and it'll just take some time for all the scabs to be done and the fur to grow back so he'll look like the Guillermo we know and love.

But it's odd to see him injured like this, and it almost makes him seem smaller and more fragile. Karen is now determined that he will never ride anywhere but inside the car/truck to keep this from being a problem again. And we're all reminded that life is fragile and should be treasured.

P.S.: The wedding was beautiful, even if they did have to move it inside at the last minute because of weather and even if they didn't have the music they wanted to play during the wedding.
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