Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stress Release and Spaghetti Arrms

Today, Karen came by the house to give us a map to the wedding location and to pick up the money for a sofa that we'll get from her and her hubby to be eventually (it'll get to us, no one is quite sure when at this point). And then we provided her some stress relief by talking to her a little and making her laugh some. We also let her release some stress by listening to her talk about how stressful the past few weeks of wedding planning have been.

I know that after the wedding on Saturday her stress levels will drop a lot, but for now all the wedding details are driving her a little batty. She's actually happy that we only had a couple of quick and easy to do requests for her (dropping off a map, making sure she really didn't care which pants Ace wears to her wedding, and making plans for us to start dog-sitting Guillermo through their honeymoon). She didn't care about what pants Ace wears, as long as he doesn't distract from her on her wedding day, so we made her laugh with a suggestion of a bright orange suit.

Then, we did our clothes shopping for the wedding. Ace already had a shirt, but I was in need of one for wearing (also, I was potentially getting shoes, but instead I'll stick with a pair we already had). I found two shirts that will work, and after we got home I discovered that we got a great deal because the cost for both shirts was less than the original cost for one of the shirts individually.

Around 5, I did my exercises to help my shoulder, but I think I over-did it, because now my arms feel like spaghetti. They'll work, but they complain about it if there is any weight used.

So, yeah. Today was about stress reduction and spaghetti arms. Because that's how all random days go, right?
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