Friday, August 20, 2010

The Garage Sale 2: The Quickening

Or My Mother-in-Law May Not Live Through the Weekend

After the last disaster of a garage sale, we're having another one (during the hottest month of the year). This one is happening right around the time school is about to start, and apparently that's helped greatly as it's already paid for the advertising for itself.

On the other hand, I may kill my mother-in-law before the weekend is over if she keeps talking to me like I'm an idiot (or, according to Ace, she may kill herself first, it's apparently a toss up there). I'm already frustrated because I'm really freaking hot and that seems to be lowering my threshold for my temper (not to mention feeling icky because I'm hot and my stomach doesn't like the heat).

So far, my mother-in-law was annoyed that I didn't get up and come help right away with setting up the garage sale (I slept about an hour longer than Ace did, even though I got up 105 minutes later), but chose to shave my legs like I had originally planned before she said she wanted to start setting up the tables at 8 am (they really needed it, plus I'm less hot with less hair). She made a comment (as I was getting out of the tub) about me not going out their and sweating like everyone else (because that's supposed to make me want to help, right?). Today, she seems to be trying to get on my nerves, which are close to the surface as I'm still struggling a little to get past the frustration of everyone expecting me to understand things all the time.

I'm trying hard to cool off, both literally and figuratively, before attempting to go back outside. Nicely, I have laundry that really needs to get washed today, so it does give me good reason to be inside some. Too bad I only have 2 loads of laundry to do.

(As for my first title, I figure it's better than calling this garage sale Electric Boogaloo. But you can call it that if you want to, I don't mind.)
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