Saturday, August 28, 2010

Less Than 72 Hours, But I May Scream

It's getting close to nearly 2 weeks of alone time with Ace. I think I may be going slightly crazy waiting for them to get out the door.

Today, my brother-in-law came to deliver the iPad he convinced my mother-in-law she needed (and after playing with hers he wants one, which may have been part of his thinking process all along). Ace and I are pretty sure she would do better with a laptop (and it would be more useful after they get back), but whatever. Instead of dropping it off, visiting until my in-laws went out, and then going home, my brother-in-law stayed all day. And he kept unintentionally interfering with my plans. I couldn't shave shortly after I got up, because then I'd be forcing 4 people to use 1 bathroom. Then, after I shaved, I couldn't watch TV (my in-laws were out of the house) because he was taking a nap in the living room (and Ace and I couldn't have sex, because he was here).

To top off my frustration, when I went into the bathroom shortly before he left, he had left the seat up (because he's single and doesn't think about the fact that I use that bathroom too). It was stupid and not a big thing, except it was just one more thing that shows that he spent today thinking about himself for the most part and not the people around him. And since I'm already too tense waiting for everyone to leave, it was just one thing too many for me to want to deal with. I was feeling bitchy and sarcastic and annoyed by almost everything already, so you can see how I might be less than charitable in my thinking about him after that.

I've never been so happy to not be going on a trip in my life.
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