Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Express Your Frustration

The weekend was a success, over all. We had dinner with my siblings, my sister's boyfriend, and one aunt and uncle. I was fascinated throughout dinner with my uncle's tales and was happy that they had come. At the end of dinner, I felt like I had let my aunt (a different one) overstate how big the problem was. Things may not have been quite what I wanted originally, but they went well enough for what did happen.

On a completely different note, earlier Ace vented some frustration. Ace's mother was fixing dinner (tuna salad, which she felt needed boiled eggs for some reason) and needed some help with something (a common occurrence). Ace's father was too busy doing dishes to help her (they couldn't wait one more second, apparently). Ace got drafted to help, which was no big deal. Until his father decided to point out that Ace could have done the dishes. Ace got upset some because he's done the dishes several times with no recognition that he's done them from his parents. He's done several chores around the house without prompting, none of which have really been noticeably appreciated. I don't think the conversation was going to go anywhere constructive when Ace's mother called a halt to it.

Ace is a wonderful guy. He is almost as patient as the day is long (that is a phrase that I should look into sometime). There is, however, a point where he feels the need to get some recognition for things he's done (understandable, since we all get that way). It usually takes months of him feeling under-appreciated before he says anything to me (I'm working on being more appreciative). I think he has been pushed too much by his parents (especially his mother) the past few months. He's got good reason to be annoyed, especially since we've been eating out a lot lately so we haven't contributed to the most recent stack of dirty dishes for the most part.

I don't really know where to go with this, other than to say that I thought I would be the one to snap at his parents first. I'm getting tired of biting my tongue almost all the time.
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