Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Think Ace Has a Point

Sunday, I had a fairly bad day emotionally. Between my hormones raging and my mother-in-law being selfish, I found it hard to find some calm middle ground. It didn't help that at a point that I desperately needed a little bit out of the house, Ace needed some rest because his mother wanted boxes moved to the garage for the upcoming garage sale (we're going to try selling off all her excess teacher stuff, which should work better since school is about to start/has started for the Tulsa area). She had originally said she wanted 3 boxes moved, it ended up being closer to 12 (because she can't count?).

Later that night, we went out. Ace and I talked some and he came up with a theory (also, he got us a chocolate shake). Ace's theory is that his mother is subconsciously trying to kill his father. It seems somewhat likely, since every time she seems to decide we need to do something that stresses me out is around the same time my father-in-law starts behaving in a friendlier manner.

Since then, we've remembered him telling us that she keeps dropping papers around her chair (at the dining room table) which he keeps slipping on. She also likes putting things on the step that leads into the house, which is a tripping hazard for everyone. Ace's mother also seems to realize that she does better with us when she asks us to do things and does them around our schedule instead of just on her own timetable, and based on our abilities instead of just her desire. Her own husband doesn't get that kind of consideration, apparently.

So, yeah. That's how it is here right now. Aren't you jealous of my life?
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