Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rehashing Old Ground

Ace and I have spent time this past week rehashing the "discussion" he had with my in-laws. Today, I think we found some of the main reasons we are so frustrated with this whole situation. But that's not what I want to talk about (again).

I'm wondering why Ace and I keep talking about this kind of stuff. Is it that we are trying to find logic? Are we trying to figure out how this isn't all our fault? Why do we keep circling the same topics, topics that my in-laws are the ones to bring up in the first place?

I have no answers for my questions. I know that part of us is looking for logic, but that part will keep coming up short (there is precious little logic in most of my in-laws' decisions). How do these people keep stirring up things that keep chasing our figurative tails around in circles of conversation?

It's not the first time I've noticed that Ace and I have conversations that keep circling back to one main topic, but it has been fairly frustrating this time around. Every time we seem to start moving on, one of us (okay, usually me) realizes something new about that whole "discussion" and it's the topic of the hour again. I think my brain is chasing something and it won't quite leave the insanity alone until it's found what it is chasing or loses it completely.

At least this time we aren't rehashing stuff my mom did in the past. I'm pretty sure Ace is glad to hear about someone else for a change.

Other than that, life is much better.
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