Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Plotting a Plot

I took some time off to start feeling better emotionally again. I know why my emotions were raw and why I was fighting off depression, but it wasn't anything worthy of a post. It was just stuff with my in-laws still bothering me.

Instead of focusing on that, I'm going to focus on my book. Lately, I haven't been writing on it, but I have been fleshing out my characters more and adding parts to my plot. The only problem with that is that all this work has been done when I've been away from my computer, so all my notes are slightly scattered and need to be gathered together.

But I'm starting to get a much fuller idea as to who at least some of my characters are and what happened in their pasts, which helps to determine what they'll do now. I still need to work on a few other characters, to round them out more. They need more dimensions than 2. My bad guy is still fairly flat. He needs some depth. Even if I never explain his background, I need to know some of it.

But I'm happy that my plot is coming along. I'm okay with not working on the actual book portion right this second, since I'm still working on the book. It's funny, because I already know the main plot of this book, but the details are starting to come together. I already know that one of my characters is clamoring for her own story to be told. And I know, roughly, what I want that story to be. Once upon a time, I never dreamed that I'd be writing a book, let alone that book having a sequel. But here I am, plotting them out, working on telling these stories.

And maybe someday soon, I'll be writing this book out, instead of trying to get all the details and such organized. Won't that be a wonderful day!
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