Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moving Forward

I survived May 2011. This is probably a bigger deal in my head than in real life, since the month of May isn't really out to get me. But this year, it felt like it was trying since May was so stressful.

Yesterday, we cleaned out our car and sold it to be scrapped. The guy who we sold it to had promised us one amount and then when we got there (with the title) he would only give us a different, lesser amount. It was stupid and frustrating.

After the way everything had been going, I cried a bit. I fought crying, but it happened anyway. Then I spent the evening doing nothing in particular except relaxing (the plans Ace and I thought we had weren't happening, so I could just relax without it being a problem). I declared my night anti-social and shut out the world from our room. I took the night off and spent it focusing on me. Today, Ace let me spend the day mostly focusing on relaxing and getting rid of residual stress.

But, now that I'm closer to feeling like myself again, it's time to move forward. It's time to focus on June and the potential it has. It's, hopefully, just about time to get a newer vehicle and soon after move out of my in-laws' house (they gave Ace a potential lead on a job that will pay enough for us to get out fairly soon). It's time to remember Ace's birthday and our anniversary. It's time to move forward with our lives and not dwell in the past.
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