Monday, June 13, 2011

Whirling Thoughts

One of my cousins just announced her pregnancy earlier. I, not being that close to her, didn't know until I read her post. I'm not quite sure how I feel.

This is a cousin who routinely makes me think about how ready I am to have kids because she is still finding it hard to adjust to having children (2 already, 1 on the way). I'm not sure why she and I are on such different wavelengths with regards to being a parent, but we obviously are.

This was a surprise pregnancy for her. She wasn't planning on having any more children right now. I'm trying not to think of how long Ace and I have been trying and how many months I've been disappointed to see my period show up. I am holding on to most of my thoughts to sort through them and discard the unuseful ones later. I am not talking about how my emotions are mixed, because I seriously take issue with myself for having mixed emotions.

One of my cousins is pregnant. I am on the tail end of one of the shortest periods I've ever had. I'm not sure all the hormones are gone yet.

My cousin is pregnant. She's due in January. And the only full thought that keeps ringing through my head is "My cousin is pregnant."
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