Saturday, May 12, 2012

10 Things About Me

Today, I am coming at you with a random list of things about me.

1. Today I got a new cell phone that I will be using for about a month. It's a pay as you go phone, so it's not quite what Ace and I would have picked for me, but my grandmother bought it and mailed it so I would have a phone. I hope she doesn't get too upset when it gets replaced next month.

2. As much as I've heard good things about The Avengers movie, I won't likely be seeing it in theaters. I only go to see certain movies in the theater, and I have two of those types coming out this year (Batman and The Hobbit). I will eagerly watch it when it comes on DVD.

3. I have only intentionally gone to see 1 movie at the theaters more than once. I don't count seeing Dinosaur (the Disney movie) on a big screen twice, because I wouldn't have picked that movie to see a second time. Serenity, however, was intentionally seen twice on the big screen. I still wish I could have seen it at least once more.

4. I once accidentally saw The Breakup because the group I was with went into the wrong theater. We weren't happy about mixing up our movies and none of us really cared for The Breakup. I was surprised and kind of pleased at the ending though (it was a nice change from what I was expecting).

5. I currently have tan lines from my socks. I never thought I'd wear shorts outside often enough to get tan lines in the first half of May. I can also see where my watch sits, even though it's off my wrist more than half the time.

6. Getting over heat exhaustion has been so weird. I get hot easier than I'd like. I've been tired more than I thought possible. A short trip out of the house can tire me completely. And for some reason, my back is protesting everything right now.

7. I have been getting annoyed with way too many stupid things lately. I think the heat has shortened my temper a bit. And I find that annoying!

8. I still haven't read a western, but I think I've read just about every other genre of fiction. For the most part, I like them all.

9. This year, I've been too busy thinking about driving a truck to think about Mother's Day. I'm surprisingly okay with that. (I did get cards for my mother-in-law and my step-mom. I'm not quite that far out of the loop.)

10. This year, for the first time ever, I got heat rash. My arms are finally starting to look mostly normal and my neck doesn't seem to have bumps all over it. Ace is already mentally preparing himself to do most of the outside work in the heat. He's a smart man.
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